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How much advertising money did Prima TV – recently bought back by Cristi Burci – made during last years?


prima tvThe take over of Prima TV was made “considering the financial situation” of the station, that posted losses of millions of years during the last year. That was the statement made by Cristian Burci in the first interview he gave after buying the channel.


What were Prima TV’s advertising revenues during the last ears?

The best years were, by far, 2007-2008. That was the period of time when TVs were dictating the price on the market (compared to the last years, when the decision making process depended on media agencies). Only the TV market was, in that period, of around Euro 300M, more than the entire Romanian ad market in 2013.

In 2007 and 2008, Prima TV was cashing in, every year, around Euro 20M from advertising.
The end of 2008 came with the crisis also in advertising so, in 2009, Prima TV’s revenues from advertising almost halved.

For 2013, according to estimations (based on GRP), the revenues from advertising for the station are of Euro 9-10M.

Cristian Burci signed the take over of Prima TV on December 19th. The radio stations Kiss FM, Magic FM, Rock FM and the music TV Kiss TV were bought by the Greek company Antenna Group.

More info on Prima TV’s ad revenues for the last years are available here.

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