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MasterChef, over Dan Negru’s special


Elena Lasconi MasterChef 2The 1st part of MasterChef’s final leaded the audiences, surpassing Negru’s blondes, performing on Antena 1. The culinary show was watched by 1.8M people all over Romania


On national, MasterChef had 1.8M viewers, with no headaches from Kanal D’s Suleyman, that is already in holidays. Dan Negru’s talents show, having Florin Piersic as guest, had 1.4M viewers, but lasted longer than Pro TV’s program.

On urban audiences, MasterChef was watched by over 900,000 people, while Antena1 attracted, on the same interval, 700,000 viewers. Kanal D ranked 3rd, with 480,000 viewers.

Pro TV was watched by 580.000 viewers in the commercial audience, with Antena 1 attracting only 250,000 viewers from this segment
More detailed audience data is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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