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Robert Turcescu won the lawsuit against Mircea Badea; Badea must publish the sentence in 3 newspapers


Robert TurcescuRobert Turcescu won a lawsuit against Mircea Badea. Badea must pay Turcescu RON 1 as moral Damages, according a decision of Bucharest District 3 Court that can be attacked in appeal.


Moreover, the court obliges Badea “to publish, on his expense, the considerents and dispositive of the decision in 3 central newspapers with high circulation, after the decision becomes definitive”.

Turcescu sued Badea for manaces and instigation to violence. Badea made serious accusation in a Sinteza zilei edition broadcasted in March, referring to Turcescu, Dan Tapalaga, Sabin Orcan and dan Turturica .

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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