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Adrian Nastase, left behind by Bianca Dragusanu. Bianca’s divorce opened the news journals on Pro TV and Antena 1


Bianca Dragusanu - Pro TVBianca Dragusanu – Victor Slav’s divorce pushed into the second plan the sentencing of the former Romanian prime minister Adrian Nastase. Bianca subject opened the news journals on Pro TV and Antena 1 last night and the time the 2 channels gave to this news was consistent, according to a monitoring made by MediaTrust for


PRO TV. The divorce occupied almost 8 minutes during Pro TV News 19.00 (where it was the main subject), twice more than Adrian Nastase subject. The former prime minister’s sentencing was the 2nd news, titled Nastase could be free in the summer. The 3rd news was the acquittal of Romanian medic Bradisteanu.

ANTENA 1. Antena’s Observer opened also with Bianca’s divorce, which covered only 2.30 minutes. This news program continued with another subject from celebrities world, related to Andreea Marin and the possibility of her being pregnant (lasted another 2 minutes). The 3rd news was related to the case of a Parliament representative, Dan Cristian Popescu.

KANAL D. The main journal started with a news about Catalin Botezatu (2 minutes) and continued with Slav family’s divorce (2 minutes and 30 seconds)

TVR 1. TVR’s journal started with a news about a medic sentenced for malpraxis (1 minute) and a news on the criminally investigated teacher from School 10 in Bucharest.

PRIMA TV. Bianca wasn’t present in the main news journal at Prima TV. Here, the 1st news covered the acquittal of former CFR boss and second – one about a person that was in alcoholic coma for 2 years. Adrian Nastase was the subject of the 3rd news

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