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Audiences: Pro TV News – 3M viewers with the special edition on the plane crush. News TVs – bigger audiences yesterday, with survivors’ statements


protvThe plane crush in Cluj and survivors’ statements boosted TV audiences during the entire day yesterday. The news programs of big generalist channels and news channels had ratings over the average.


Pro TV News, entirely dedicated to the event, with an interview made by Andreea Esca with one of the survivors, were close to 3M viewers per minute. Antena 1’s Observer had around 2M viewers.

News TVs had much bigger audiences than normally. One of the surprises was B1 TV, a channel that ranked, in the evening, on 2nd place, between the news channels, after Antena 3 and before Romania TV and Realitatea TV.

News journals: Pro TV – almost 3M viewers per minute

Pro TV News covered, during the entire yesterday’s edition, a single subject: the crush that caused the death of plane pilot Adrian Iovan. Pro TV News were watched, every year, by almost 3M viewers per minute, from which 1.4M living in urban areas.
Antena 1’s Observer was watched by 2M Romanians, with 1M in urban areas. The interest for the subject was also visible on TVR 1 and Kanal D news
Detail audience data for Tuesday news programs is available here.

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