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CNA recommends: TV and radio station should show prudence when it comes of gambling advertising




CNA recommended to broadcasters to consult with the National Office for Gambling if they want to promote this sort of games, in order to be informed if they are running legally on Romania’s territory, Mediafax writes.

In a recently published announcement on its own website, CNA relays to the broadcasters a demand from National Office for Gambling (ONJN) “to consult with ONJN when they make, with different companies, advertising or marketing contracts related to gambling, in order to be informed if the games are running legally on Romania’s territory and can be promoted”.

According to art 89 al 1 in Audiovisual Code, “Gambling can be broadcasted within an audiovisual program or can be subject of commercial audiovisual communication only if they are authorized according to the law” .

More commercial for online poker games Fulltilt and Pokerstars were stopped from broadcasting on TV and radio, according to a decision made by CNA on November 5th, as CNA considered the ads were not abiding the audiovisual legislation.

At the CNA meeting that saw the ads stopped from broadcasting, Odeta Nestor, president ONJN, was also present and said, at the time, that there is no gambling operator with licence in Romania.

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