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Ion Cristoiu continues his collaboration with Evenimentul zilei and is invited to B1 TV


CristoiuIon Cristoiu posted on his Facebook page a status saying that his collaboration with Evenimentul zilei will go forward. The announcement comes after the journalist shared, also via Facebook, the fact that he was taking in consideration ending his collaboration with Evz, as he was upset by the comments related to one of his articles on publication’s website


“Facebook reaction, which I trust, and a discussion with Dan Andronic, that showed me that I am mistaking confounding newspaper’s readers with internet trolls, convinced me to continue the collaboration”, Cristoiu wrote on Facebook.

He also announced that he will be present in B1 TV’s studio, as “EVZ collaborator”, in a talk-show about the misteries of Victoria Nuland’s visit in Romania

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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