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Kiss FM and Radio ZU, fined with RON 15.000 and RON 5.000. CNA to notify radios: songs with problematic language to be broadcasted only after 23.00


radio-studioKiss FM and Radio Zu were fined by RON 15.000 and RON 5.000 for injurious language during morning shows and for the songs with obscene content broadcasted during the same programs.


Radio 21 received a public summons for the same kind of actions that are disrespecting the audiovisual legislation related to underage people’s protection.
CNA sanctioned the 3 radios following a monitoring made between end of August and end of November last year

The shows sanctioned by CNA are: “Cronica Cârcotaşilor” at Kiss FM, “Morning ZU” at Radio Zu and “Momente 4D dimineaţa“ at Radio 21.

The council also voted to send notifications to radios to ask them to broadcast songs with language related problems in the night, after 23.00. Among the songs that CNA wants forbidden during the day there are 4 songs from parazitii, 1 from Mamelino, 1 from Gradul XXL, one from BUG Mafia and one from Jason Derulo

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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