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Nea Marin Miliardar, millionaire in rating: close to 3M people watched the comedy


Nea-Marin-secvente roRomanian comedy “Nea Marin Miliardar”, with Amza Pellea in the main role, continues to have success 35 years after its premiere. Broadcasted by Pro TV and directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, the movie gathered in front of the TV close to 3M Romanians.


The movie is one of the most broadcasted in Romania and, last night, it was the 9th time in the last 10 years when it was broadcasted.

At national level, Nea Marin kept close 2.96M Romanians, which positioned Pro TV on the 1st place in ratings, followed at 2m viewers distance by Antena 1 and a comedy with Mel Gibson şi Goldie Hawn.

Golden minute in audience at national level was 21.40, when Pro TV was watched by 3,5M people.

In towns, Nea Marin was seen by 1.3M people, seconded by Antena 1’s comedy (530.000 viewers). The golden minute on urban audiences wwas 21.41 (1.65M viewers).

Pro TV claimed leadership also on the commercial segment (840.000 viewers, 15.1 rating), while Antena 1 was second (292.000 viewers, 5.2 rating).

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