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New rules: TV hosts and producers – more attentive with their language




CNA prepares more precise rules on “injurious language” used during TV and radio shows. The council approved, in a meeting, with unanimity of votes, an article of the Audiovisual Code saying: “programs’ hosts and producers have the obligation to not use and to not allow their guests to use an injurious language or to instigate to violence”
In present, the code has an article mentioning the same interdictions, with the only difference that it only refers to hosts, not to the producers also. With the new article, CNA wants the article to be mandatory both for hosts and producers of radio and TV shows.

During today’s meeting, CNA adopted the modifications, with the project of Decision for modification and completing Audiovisual Code to be in public debate for 30 days. During the mention period, TVs and radios representatives can send CNA their observations. Afterwards, CNA will vote the modification and sent suggestions in order to adopt them

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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