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Romanian Competition Council is analyzing Prima TV’s take-over by Cristian Burci


Cristi Burci - Sursa foto:
Cristi Burci - Sursa foto:


Romanian Competition Council is analyzing Prima TV’s take over by Cristian Burci, according to a press release sent by the institution. The businessman will be present as shareholder in Prima TV via Graffiti Red SRL. The council is also analyzing the take over of Prime Time Productions SRL by Graffiti Red.

“The competition authority will evaluate the operation of economic concentration from compatibility point of view between it and a normal competitional environment, according to the Rules on authorizing economic concentration”, Council’s press release shows.

A decision on this economic concentration operation must be taken, according to the law, in top 45 days since the date the notification is considered effective.

“Competition’s Council is interested in obtaining observations and points of view from third parties (including competitors and clients of the involved parties) related to this economic concentration”, the same document adds.

Cristian Burci became again Prima TV’s owner eight years after he sold the TV station. The contract with ProSieben.Sat was signed on December 19th

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