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Series Top: Suleyman, most watched in 2013: over 2M viewers per episode


suleymanSuleyman conquered the audiences in 2013, with Kanal D’s series claiming and keeping the 1st place in audiences at national and urban level. On the commercial audiences, leader was Las fierbinti, Romanian series broadcasted on Pro TV.


Suleyman had, for each episode, a little over 2M viewers, 1.2M living in urban areas. The 2nd ranked was Las Fierbinti, with 1.8M viewers at national level and 965,000 in urban areas.

On the commercial segment, Las fierbinti assumed leadership, with an average of 631,000 viewers per minute.

Dallas, series broadcasted on Antena 1 in the 1st part of last year, also posted good audiences, ranking 6th, after the 3 seasons of Las Fierbinti and Spitalul de dementa, with an average of 1.2M viewers per episode.

The annual audiences top also includes a few Turkish series on Kanal D and National TV and re-runs of the series Inima de Tigan and Regina.

Full series rankings are available here.

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