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Top movies: Home Alone 3 – most watched movie in 2013. Pro TV broadcasted 49 from the top 50 movies last year


Singur acasa 3Home Alone serie is the champion of the movies broadcasted by Romanian TV stations last year.


The 3rd installment of the series – Home Alone 3 – was the most watched movie on Romanian TVs in 2013. At national level, Home Alone 1 is on second place, while Home Alone 2 ranks 5th.

In urban areas, the consumption pattern is slightly different, with the first places in top being occupied by action movies - Parker and Courier 2 – but Home Alone movies still have good standings in the ranking.

All the top 20 movies were broadcasted on Pro TV. Moreover, from the first 50 most watched movies, 49 were broadcasted on Pro TV and just one production – Snow-White and the 7 dwarfs, that scored over 2M viewers, from which half in urban areas – was broadcasted on another channel, namely Antena 1.

On Antena 1, Snow-White was the most watched movie and ranks 23rd in a general movie top. Other movies with high audiences broadcasted last year by the channel were:

  • Two brothers – 1,5M viewers at national level, 767.000 in urban areas
  • Shaolin Cowboy – 1,3M national, 767.000 urban.
  • The Dragon: Bruce Lee’s Life – 1,3M national, 700.000 urban.
  • Sleeping Beauty – 1,2M national, 671.000 urban.

On Kanal D, The Conquering of Constantinopole, a Turkish historic production, was watched by 870,000 people at national level.

In the same time, Nice Guy with Jackie Chan posted the best audiences last year, with over 1M viewers at national level and 439.000 in urban areas.

On national TV, Helen of Troy series, part 1 and 2, scooped the top places in the ranking of the most watched movies on TVR 1, with 866.000 viewers (from which 355.000 living in urban areas) and, respectively, 814.000 viewers (with 358.000 in urban areas).
The top of most watched movies in 2013 is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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