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TVR 2, interested by an international quizz-type format. Who could produce the show?


tvrPublic TV wasn’t a general culture show for TVR 2, with the idea already voted by TVR’s board.


The aimed format is British “The exit list”. It would be produced, for TVR 2, by the production company Zucchero Media, company that produced, in the past, Wheel of Fortune and Who wants to be a millionaire on Kanal D.

The show based on the mentioned format has 2 parts. First, the people that compete try to accumulate as much money as possible by answering general culture questions. The more they answer, the deeper they get inside a labyrinth including more rooms.

After they reach to the fartest room, where the big prize is hosted, the concurents, usually 2, must get out of the lanyrinth though the rooms they came in, repeating the correct or wrong answers they gave .

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