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Andreea Marin parts ways with TVR because of the money: „The entire team is unpaid”


Andreea Marin 2014Andreea Marin decided to denounce the contract with TVR because Cheerish the life’s team didn’t receive its money from the Romanian public TV, according to an interview published by


„The entire redactional team is unpaid. I find it absurd for my people to spend months without receiving their salary, as it is the case of my redaction colleagues and of our collaborators. For example, the writers, the ballet team and many other people weren’t paid until recently since back in the middle of last season. Don’t imagine they have some extraordinary salaries. They cannot be compared to the paychecks from other TVs”, Marin stated.

“We all tried to understand the difficult situation from TVR but, in the end, we can’t be in the middle of February and one, as simple redactor or collaborator, to see he wasn’t paid for couple good months, that your work isn’t respected, that the holidays have passed for your family”, she added.

Marin also said that she is bothered by the fact that media published information that say she is paid with a very big salary and added she only accepted to come back on TV for the beautiful program she conceived and for a salary well under her market value “at this moment”

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