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Conflict at SRR: 1,000 employees ask the resignation of one SRR management member


Sursa foro: Mediafax
Sursa foro: Mediafax


Radio Romania announced, in a press release, that it submitted to the Parliament a petition “alteady signed by 1,000 employees” in order to remove Adrian Moise from the management board.

Moise is one of the 2 representatives of the employees in SRR’s board.

According to the press release, the letter signed by SRR’s employees was submitted, on February 10th, to Senate’s and Deputy Chamber’s presidents, to the Romanian Prime Minister and to the Culture Committees in Parliament.

According to the press release, the action was taken as Moise practices a series of calumnious activities, attacks towards the institutions, ill-intentioned and tendentious actions and manaces that brought prejudices to the public image of the institution

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