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Elbahold Limited Cyprus re-entered, indirectly, Realitatea Media’s shareholdership


Elicopter Realitatea TV 2Elbahold Limited, the company used by Sorin Ovidiu Vintu for operations in the past, re-entered the shareholdership of PSV Company SA, one of the minor associates of Realitatea Media SA, according to CNA’s documents.


According to CNA’s official, it is unclear if, in present, behind Elbahold continues to be Sorin Ovidiu Vantu.

Within PSV Company SA, Elbahold has over 50% of shares.

After the modifications, Realitatea Media’s shareholder distribution is as it follows:
Main shareholder: Strategies Research Investments SRL (86,513817357%), with Cozmin Gusa (50%) and Maricel Pacuraru (50%) having equal shares.

Secondary shareholders: PSV Company SA – 7,555789039%, “PETROM-ENERGIE” – 5,423391979%, Global Video Media SRL – 0,507001207%, Toroipan Gheorghe Cristian, Luha Eugen Gheorghe and Bercea Florin –0,000000139% each.

PSV Company SA shareholders changed, after SC Strategies Research Investments SRL (Cozmin Gusa and Maricel Pacuraru) made an exit and sold 54,422728% from company’s capital to Elbahold Limited.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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