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Tabloids remain the most read newspapers. The only daily that gained readers doesn’t exist anymore


Surs foto: Financiarul
Surs foto: Financiarul


Tabloids continue to be the most read newspapers, although their audience is in decline, same as for most of printed publications.

The most read newspaper in Romania remains Click!, with 587.000 readers per edition, according to the most recent SNA study.

According to the study, all dailies are loosing readers, excepting ProSport, which had a surprising increase in audience.

Mediafax Group’s sports newspaper – that dropped its daily printed edition in the end of last year – gained 10,000 reader from January 2012 to December 2013, compared to the previous SNA wave.

Libertatea, published by Ringier, ranks second in audience, being read on daily basis by 468.000 people.

During the period analyzed by SNA, sports newspapers are next in the top of most read newspapers, with Gazeta Sporturilor having around 338.000 readers per edition and ProSport – 318.000.

Among quality publications, Jurnalul National maintained on the top place, with 187.000 readers per edition.

The most read newspapers also posted the highest decreases. According to SNA study, the publications that lost the biggest number of readers were Click! (-44.000), Libertatea (-22.000) and Gazeta Sporturilor (-16.000).

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