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Taraf remains on TV, after CNA approved the licence prolongment


Foto: The Guardian
Foto: The Guardian


CNA approved a 9 years prolongement for the licence of Taraf TV, after previously the demand didn’t had the minimum number of votes and the TV risked to be closed.

The prolonguement was voted in favor by Florin Gabrea, Valentin Jucan, Narcisa Iorga, Lorand Turoș, Monica Gubernat, Laura Georgescu, Rasvan Popescu. Two CNA members were against: Cristina Trepcea and Radu Calin Cristea.

Taraf TV licence was about to expire on February 15th. Real Top Media, that operates Taraf TV licnce, has a shareholders Silvius Prigoana (30%), Honorius Prigoana (30%), Rares Gardus (20%), Dumitru Mihalache (10%) and Gheorghe Minea (10%).

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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