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Who are those watching news TVs? 70% viewers from Antena 3 and B1 – over 55 y.o. Digi 24 – most educated viewers


televizorNews channels usually attract an older public, with Antena 3 and B1 having the oldest viewers. Digi 24 has, among news channels, the most educated public, while Romania TV, with its tabloid focus, has the fewest viewers with university studies and is in top among viewers that only attended gymnasium.


The data comes from a viewers profile analysis for news channels made by BPN

On gender: Men on Digi 24

The news channel that shows the biggest difference when it comes of male and female viewers is Digi 24: over 60% of channel’s audience is represented by men. Next is Realitatea TV (56% male viewers) and B1 (51%).

When it comes of Antena 3 and Romania TV, the viewership split on gender is almost equal, with a slight advance for the female viewers (a bit over 50%).

On age: Antena 3 and B1 – the oldest viewers, with over 65 y.o. people being dominant

Generally, news channels’ viewers includes older people, with the predominant age category being over 65 y.o. Still, there are differences between the stations.

On Antena 3, almost 72% of viewers are over 55 y.o. B1 has a similar percentage – 70% - in this age category; also, it has the highest percentage of people over 65 y.o.: 44.5%, with Antena 3 following (43%).

B1 TV has more viewers than Antena 3 in the category 35-44 y.o. (12,6% compared to 4,7), which sees Antena 3 being news channel with the poorest representation within the segment.

When it comes of Romania TV, 30% of the public has over 65 y.o., while same happens with 35% of Realitatea’s audience.

At Digi 24, the over 65 y.o category is the poorest represented, compared to other news channels. RCS’s channel also has the best representation on 35-44 y.o. category.

In terms of education, Romania TV is watched by people that attended gymnasium

Digi24 has an advance on the superior education public: almost 40% of channel’s viewers attended university. Next are B1 TV (34%) and Antena 3 (29%). At the opposite end is Romania TV, with 21% of its viewers having superior education and champion among people that only attended gymnasium (27%). When it comes of Digi24, only 13% of viewers ended their education after gymnasium.

Urban or rural? Romania TV and Realitatea TV – strong impact at the countryside

Romania TV has over half of its viewers living in rural areas, while Realitatea TV has almost half of its viewers at the countryside. Over 60% of people watching Romania TV and Realitatea TV live at the countryside or in small towns.

Digi 24 and Antena 3 have the smallest percentages in rural areas, of around 30% of the total viewership.

Antena 3 has the best percentage for Bucharest: almost 15%, twice more than Romania TV and Realitatea TV. Digi 24 has good audiences in Bucharest also, although it is only visible in RCS&RDS networks for now.

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