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Audiences: Pro TV – close to 3.4M viewers with Romanian derby Dinamo – Steaua


steaua_dinamo_realitateaRomanian derby Dinamo – Steaua, broadcasted by Pro TV, was watched by over 3.3M Romanians at national level, while Antena 1 had, with Next Star and on the same time slot, only 1.5M viewers. The 3rd place in national audiences was occupied by Kanal D (1.3M)


In towns, the football game on Pro TV attracted 1.7M viewers, while Antena 1 had 853.000 and Kanal D - 815.000.

On the commercial audience, the football game was the winer also, with 928.000 viewers, three times more than on Antena 1 (323.000).

More audience data is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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