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Bucharest Court admitted Sorin Oancea’s withdrawl from Radio ZU’s shareholdership


radio zuBucharest Court admitted Sorin Oancea’s demand to withdraw, in judicial manner, from the shareholdership of Media Camina, owner of Radio ZU.


According to instance’s decision, the court authorizes Oancea’s withdrawl. After the decision becomes irrevocable, Oancea’s rights will be established, in amicable manner or through justice.

In other words, after the sentence becomes definitive, Oancea is entitled to receive the rights for the social shares he has (10% of the company). If Oancea doesn’t reach to an agreement with Voiculescu family on the demanded amount, the instance will solve the situation.

Radio Zu already notified CNA of Oancea’s withdrawl last week.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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