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Gabriela Vranceanu Firea lost the lawsuit against Narcisa Iorga, CNA member


Gabi FireaGabriela Vranceanu Firea lost definitively a lawsuit she initiated against CNA’s member Narcisa Iorga. Vranceanu disputed at Romanian High Court a prosecutorial ordinance from October 2013, through which she is fined RON 1,000 for ultrage and blackmail against Iorga.


The announcement on Firea loosing the lawsuit was made by Narcisa Iorga on her personal blog.

In October 2013, Firea was sentenced to pay a RON 1000 fine for manacing Iorga.
Acording to Iorga, Firea manaced her to unveil aspects and facts related to her professional life before being appointed a member in CNA.

Also, Iorga received, in that period, a manacing SMS from Firea:

“I don’t have anything personal against you but I will make public all I know about you if you dare to denigrate me as private person at CNA. I too have “ears” there”.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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