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Pro TV and Antena 1 had their broadcasting licences prolonged, after same day talks at CNA


Foto: The Guardian
Foto: The Guardian


Pro TV and Antena 1 saw their broadcasted licences prolonged by 9 years each, by decision of CNA members, that discussed TVs licence prolongement during the same meeting.

The decision made by CNA on licence prolongement for the 2 TVs are valid until Romania switches to digital TV.

CNA prolonge Antena 1’s licences for Bucharest and for local stations in Miercurea Ciuc, Sinaia, Tg. Mures and Sf. Gheorghe by 9 years. During CNA discussions with Antena TV Group’s representatives, the focus was on the problems generated by tabloid shows like “Acces Direct” and “Un show pacatos”.

Isabella Carmu, Channel Manager Antena 1, justified “the quality” of Acces Direct by the fact it answers “to the human curiosity of the viewer at that hour”.

When it comes of Pro TV, CNA voted the prolongement of the audiovisual satellite licence for Pro TV Bucharest and for its local stations in Sinaia and Campina.

The main subject of discussions approached by CNA members with Pro TV’s representatives was related to the violence within MasterChef and plates broken within the show.

After Narcisa Iorga said it is “an unappropiate model offered to viewers, a moment of aggresivity”, Anca Budinschi, TV’s programs director, said this kind of moments “are absolutely normal” and they are just a few examples that were pulled out of context.
Other discussions were related to Pro TV’s tabloid show La Maruta, with Budinschi explainin that that show is “incontinuously corrected”.

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