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Romanian Deputy Chamber silently adopted an initiative that sees radio-TV tax paid only by subscribers that want the service


tvrRomanian Deputy Chamber silently adopted, on Tuesday, a law proposal that sees the tax for public radio and TV services paid only by subscribers that opted for these services, Mediafax wrote.


Deputy Chamber isn’t the decisional chamber for this law proposal, but Senate is and its members didn’t made a decision on the matter yet.

In present, radio-Tv tax is collected as part of the power bills.

The initiators of the project, 19 PPDD politicians, consider that the existent law imposes people that have contracts with cable providers a double radio-TV taxation, through the power bill and through the contract with a cable TV operator. The politicians say that people have the right to freely choose their information source and any citizen that owns radio or TV devices can opt in or not for SRR or SRTV programs and cannot have his access to free info blocked by forcefully maintaining a mandatory contractual state with SRR or SRTV.

According to the adopted project, SRR and SRTV own income will come from taxes paid by subscribers that opt in for services from public radio and TV.

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