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AUDIENCES: Romanians got talent, April’s show. MasterChef and Next Star, on entertainement’s podium


Romanii au talent semifinala 2014April’s entertainment was leaded by 2 Pro TV shows, Romanians got talent and MasterChef. NextStar with Dan Negru, from Antena 1, was also on the podium.


Entertainment in prime-time:

Pro TV’s Romanians got talent maintains on top place in audiences, with an average viewership of 1,7M people in towns in April, but still down compared to March, when it had 2.5M viewers.

MasterChef ranks 2nd with around 1.2M per edition, while 3rd place goes to Next Star and Antena 1, with 932.000 viewers. Next is Do I know you from somewhere, with audience slightly up compared to March.


After-noon tabloids is leaded by Acces Direct (Antena 1, 540.000 viewers on average in April), seconded by La Măruţă and Pro TV (490.000 viewers).
Between night tabloids, there’s a tie, as Wow Biz and Un show păcătos reached to be equals, each having in April around 297.000.

More data on April’s audiences are available here.

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