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Cesnavicius to the employees: The restructuring process continues


Pro TV aleksandras-cesnaviciusThe restructuration process continues at Pro TV, as announced today, in a meeting with the emoployees, by Aleksandras Cesnavicius, Chief CME operations in Romania

The meeting called in all Pro TV’s employees, at channel’s headquarters. Cesnavicius announced the restructuring will continue, but will be executed „in anoter manner”, not so abruptly as until now. In the same time, Cesnavicius announced that he will apply clear criteria in the restructuring to follow.

The restructuring process in Pro TV started 2 weeks ago, with the firing of channel’s entire PR department. During the last couple weeks, Pro TV fired employees from all its departments: a few tens of employees were fired from Promo department, the team from Acasa TV’s news was fired, along with the hosts Dan Cruceru and Ioana Moldovan, while Acasa TV reoriented towards broadcasting re-runs and telenovelas. Also, more tens of emplotees were fired from the technical sectors. was also targeted by the restructuring proces and is left with half of the team and dropped those who handled channel’s news.
Besides the fired people, other former Pro employees decided to leave by themselves: the production team coordinated by Mona Segall moved to Antena 1 (around 30 people), with others following.

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