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Cosmote and Romtelecom announce they prepare for rebranding. Telekom identity to be used, but the new name wasn’t yet unveiled


Deutsche TelekomRomtelecom and Cosmote, part of the same group, prepare to launch their services as part of Deutsche Telekom family, using „Telekom” identity, according to an announcement made by company’s officials.


Company’s press release doesn’t mention the brands that will be used by the 2 mentioned operators and it only says that „Romtelecom and Cosmote will have new commercial names associated with Deutsche Telekom, names to be communicated at the proper moment, after all legal proceedings will be finalized”.

On the other hand, the names and commercial identities for the companies Germanos Telecom România, Sunlight România Filiala Bucureşti, NextGen and Telemobil will not be changed.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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