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Independent cable operators, on Pro TV fee: „They are getting us out from the profit limits”. How were they affected by Pro TV exit from must-carry


televiziune_telecomanda_capitalIndependent cable operators say that Pro TV’s exit from must carry affected them „seriously” by „pulling them out from profit limits” and forcing them to finance the content part with the internet mony. The cost per subscriber the small cable operators are paying to TV programs providers increased from Euro 2.5 to Euro 3.5.

Publicitate discussed with representatives of independent cable operators about the effect of Pro TV tax and about Digi24 case (a channel that isn’t relayed by most of RCS’ competitors).

Independent cable operators decided to finance the increase of Pro TV tax or, otherwise, there was the risk of loosing customers.

Romanian Association of Electronic Communication (ACER) reunites 55 independent cable operators and none of the big cable providers.

According to Constantin Buzoi, owner of more cable networks in Constanta and ACER president”, the profit that the independent cable operators were getting from providing internet services is now covering the difference of tax that goes to Pro TV.

As cable operators’ representatives say, the subscribers didn’t feel the increase of Pro TV’s tax, as all costs were supported by cable providers.

When Pro TV decided to exit the must-carry, independent cable operators also proposed to establish audience criteria related to the price – namely if the channel looses rating to decrease the price – but the proposal was refused.

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