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Media Fact Book. The advertising market - Euro 306M in 2014


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Romanian media market in 2014 is estimated to reach Euro 306M, up 1M compared to the previous year, as the most recent edition of Media Fact Book – report published in Romania by Initiative – shows.

Print continues to be the most affected media channel and will attract advertising budgets of euro 17M this year, down 2M compared to last year, as the report estimates.

Digital is the only media channel that rew in 2013(+12%) and will continue to grow in 2014, by 8%, as the predictions show. Online attracted this year Euro 4M more compared to 2013.

When it comes of TV media market, it maintained during the last 3 years to the value of Euro 193M

Media Fact Book’s conclusions:

  • - TV attracts the highest advertising budgets: 63% of total marketing budgets were directed towards TVs. Internet reached to represent 15% of the market, while outdoor is only 9% and print and radio – 6% each
  • - print continues to decrease, and it’s estimated to Euro 17M in 2014, down 2M compared to 2013
  • - radio is stable: Euro 19M in 2013, same as the previous year. Estimated to attract Euro 18M this year. Radios have mainly clients from retail, telecom and auto and represent an ideal medium for promotions
  • - Outdoor – estimated to Euro 27M in 2014, without considering the electoral periods. The numbers are close to the previous years (Euro 28 in 2013 and Euro 27M in 2012).
  • - Online – estimated to attract Euro 50M in 2014, after Euro 46M last year. Google keeps graining ground. On the internet market, Euro 19M are represented by display advertising, with the rest being allocated to Google, Facebook or Yahoo.

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