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Pro TV doubled the ammounts cashed in from cable operators. What were the advertising revenues last year?


protvPro TV earned, in Q1, from cable operators, an amount double compared to Q3 2013, while the advertising revenues stangnated. Over all, Romania is the most profitable country for CME, that owns Pro TV.


Pro TV, wiith all its stations, had in Q1 2014 total revenues of $ 49.6M, up 7M compared to the same period last year.

From this amount, $24.4M came from advertising (+0.5% compared to Q1 2013), while cable companies paid for retransmitting Pro TV’s stations, in Q1, around $10.7M. Other activities, like film distribution, generated for the company $ 14.4M, up 14% compared to Q1 2013.
Pro TV’s operational profit was over 4 times bigger compared to 2013, going up from $ 959.000 to $5,4M.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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