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TVR wants to reduce work day from 8 to 6 hours and cut salaries by 25%


tvrSRTV’s management wants to reduce the work day for institution’s emoployees from 8 to 6 hours a day and cut the salaries by 25%, sources from TVR stated for Mediafax.


The existance of such an idea was confirmed for Mediafax by Dragoş Bocanaciu, president of SPUSTV, the sindicate of TVR’s employees; he also appreciated that „from quality point of view, the idea is very damaging”.

He also pointed out the idea was discussed „not very concrete” within TVR’s Board and wasn’t yet discussed by the management board.

Bocanaciu said his syndicate won’t ever agree to such a „damaging decision”.
TVR sources said, for Mediafax, that the measure targets in principle all the areas in TVR and would affect, this year, all the employees.

Last year, TVR restructurated and fired, in the process, 619 people .

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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