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What did Romanians watch on May 1st: Las Fierbinţi, Next Star, Pro TV News and Suleyman


las fierbintiTV stations didn’t had special programs anymore for May 1st. As every Thursday, Pro TV had Las Fierbinţi and A crazy week, Antena 1 had NextStar, while Kanal D came with Suleyman.


At national level, most watched program was Las Fierbinti (1.7M viewers), followed by Pro TV News and Next Star (over 1,5M viewers each). Top 5 was completed by Suleyman and A Crazy Week.

Antena 1’s evening tabloid had better results for the first half of the show, with over 1M viewers and 530.000 of them from urban areas.

In urban areas, most watched was Next Star (830.000 viewers), followed by Las Fierbinţi (close to 810.000), than Suleyman and Pro TV News.

On the commercial target, the first 4 programs were from Pro TV - Las Fierbinţi, Pro TV News 19.00, A Crazy Week and Pro TV News 22.30. Fifth place was occupied by Next Star.

More data on audience is available here.

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