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Antena 3 – high audiences with the Mircea Băsescu - Bercea Mondial recordings


Captura Mircea Basescu Antena 3The recordings with Mircea Băsescu, brother of Romanian president Traian Băsescu, and Bercea Mondial’s son were broadcasted by Antena 3, during Sinteza zilei show.

The program was watched by hundreds of thousands of Romanians every minute, with Antena 3 ranking 2nd on urban audiences and 3rd on national level.

The show that broadcasted the recordings was broadcasted during a time interval which intersected with a part of Spain-Chile football match, with 2 entertainment shows on Antena 1 and with the movies on Pro TV.

Antena 3 made public, Wednesday night, video images with talks between Mircea Basescu and son of Bercea Mondial; Mircea Basescu is saying that he received $ 250.000 during discussions related to an alleged influence over judges to release Bercea, which executes a 9 years in prison sentence. Mondial’s son made a criminal complaint against Mircea Basescu for traffic of influence, deception and inducing in error judicial institution related to a case in which he himself is accused of blackmail.

With the recordings, Antena 3 was watched by 730.000 and ranked 3rd on national, after TVR 1 with 1.2M people watching World Cup and Antena 1 with 780.000 viewers.
In towns, Antena 3 was 2nd in audiences, with 540.000 viewers, surpassed by TVR 1 (690.000 viewers) .

On the commercial segment, Antena 3 was watched by 116.000 viewers and ranked 4th, after TVR 1 (350.000), Pro TV and Antena 1.

Among news channels, Antena 3 was the winner of the day, with the average audience of close to 450,000 Romanians (332,000 living in urban areas) between 6am and 2am. In May, Antena 3’s daily average audience was of around 200,000 viewers.
The moments with highest audiences were between 22.00-23.00, period of time when Antena 3 had close to 950.000 viewers per minute (700.000 of them from urban areas).
Antena 3 was the leader of the day among news channels, seconded by Romania TV, B1 TV, Realitatea TV and Digi 24.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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