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Media: The 1st year with anti-rebate ordinance: media agency’s turnovers significantly down, same with the profits


televizor2013 was a difficult year for Romanian media agencies and, according to data published by Finance Ministry, the big agencies were seriously hit by the anti-rebate ordinance, initiated by Romanian government last year and published in Official Monitor without any consultations with industry’s representatives.


As a result of this ordinance, some of the media companies lost, last year, tens of millions of Euros. The first 2 in top, Media Investment (The Group) and McCann Erickson went down from Euro 50M to around Euro 30M. The profits went down also: Media Investment had, in 2012, Euro 1.8M profit and, last year, just Euro 826.000.

Initiative Media, part of Lowe Group Romania, had a constant profit, but its turnover dropped from Euro 36.6M in 2012 to Euro 21.7M in 2013.

The biggest decrease in the market was posted by Mec România, with a 60% smaller turnover, from Euro 22M to Euro 8.4M

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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