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Practic in Bucatarie, most sold publication in Romania. How are the sales for women and celebrities magazines


revisteWomen magazines are among most abondant on the Romanian market, with 12 titles for women covering only lifestyle, fashion and glossy; the category posted sales of over 100,000 copies per edition in Q1 2014, according to BRAT.


Still, the most sold title dedicated to women is Practic în bucătărie, magazine published by Burda and the most sold Romanian publication.

The most sold title in lifestyle / fashion/glossy category is Femeia Magazine (13.200 copies per edition in Q1), followed by Unica (published by Ringier, 12.000 copies per edition) and Elle (11.500). In the end of the sales top is Harper’s Bazaar, quarterly that only sold 5,200 copies.

The women publications is leaded by Libertatea pentru femei, with 55.100 copies per edition in Q1, followed by Femeia de azi and Click! pentru femei.

In the children raising and education, there are 3 publications that are competing: Pap tot, published by the same group that publishes Forbes, has 4.500 copies sold per edition, followed by Mămica de azi (3.200 copies) and Mami magazine.

Among the gastronomy titles, 5 titles are competing, but Practic în bucătărie is by far the leader of the top, with 130.000 copies sold per edition. Also, Practic în bucătărie is the most sold publication in Romania.

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