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CinemaPro, back to Adrian Sarbu. Sarbu is also bidding for Pro FM, Buftea Studios and Media Pro Distribution


adrian sarbu (6)Cinema Pro, cinema in center of Bucharest, returned to Adrian Sarbu, after CME and Sarbu agreed to this in the start of June. According to sources close to the transaction, the move was already operated.


Sarbu is also involved in bidding for the other actives CME sells, namely Buftea Studios, Pro FM, Media Pro Distribution, Media Pro Music and Hollywood Multiplex. Other also aim for these actives, such is Sebastian Ghita, that wants the radios.

Cinema Pro was part of MediaPro Entertainment, entity that included MediaPro Pictures, MediaPro Distribution, Pro Video, MediaPro Music & Entertainment and Cinema Hollywood Multiplex. It was opened in 2005, when Media Pro Distribution took it over, and it hosted both premiers and normal movie projections

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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