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CNA’s employee breaks the silence: Georgescu is interested in Realitatea TV, “hunts” certain TVs, is feared by employees and speaks rudely


Sursa foto: Mediafax
Sursa foto: Mediafax


A CNA employee stated that Laura Georgescu, CNA president, is interested in certain TV stations, „definately in Realitatea TV”.

She said that, although she cannot ask for Georgescu’s resignation, the state should consider all complaints made against CNA president and consider the fact that institution’s employees „were terrorized at work, were forced to work extra hours”.

The employee, that works in CNA’s monitoring unit, says that they are ordered to monitor excesively certain stations, among which Realitatea TV, B1 and Naşul TV. She also added that certain stations are favorized, mentioning Antena 3.

Castration accusation, unappropriate ways to call people and enjoying the fear from employees were unveiled as ingredients of Georgescu’s leading way by one of CNA’s employees, during an interview at Realitatea TV.

She said that a terror atmosphere was present within CNA from the beginning and there was also continued abuse.

The employee said she didn’t say anything until now as she was convinced nobody would believe. She also said she works for CNA since 2007 and things that are happening today within the institution were imaginable under the mandate of Razvan Popescu, previous CNA president.

She also said Georgescu sent to her people with papers she needed to sign without reading and with ante-dated documents.

Despite all the scandal and accusations, CNA’s president, Laura Georgescu, doesn’t want to quit her position. During a press conference organized mid-scandal, she said:
„I am not afraid and I don’t give up under pressure, not even under political pressure. I am a person that respected the law and didn’t do anything against the institution and which doesn’t give up when subjected to political pressure because she isn’t afraid”
„For now, I count Realitatea TV will give the recordings to the abilitated institutions that must find out who did them, in what purpose, when and where and which is their full content. Also, they need to prove their legal character”, Georgescu added

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