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TVR – radical transformations in a schedule draft. TVR 2 – to have a TVR 1 schedule. Once in a lifetime and football games to go on TVR2. News Hour vanishes


tvrTVR prepares radical changes for its autumn schedule. According to a schedule draft that reached to, TVR 2’s schedule looks more to the one TVR 1 has now, with some of the power shows and the football games being now in this channel’s program.


TVR 1 is poised to transform since autumn in a News&Current Affairs channel, while TVR 2 is to become a generalist channel.

The draft project started heated discussions within TVR, with the transformation also considering changing the names of the channels, an idea that was afterwards dropped.

The ideas for autumn are as follows, with the mention that the draft schedule isn’t yet finalized and other changes might occur.

Main ideas:

  • - TVR 1 will be a News & Current Affairs channel, reasons why shows like Once in a lifetime and Folklore Treasure are moved on TVR 2
    - UEFA Champions League games are also moved on TVR 2, on Tuesdays
    - TVR Journal is scheduled to start at 19.00, compared to 20.00 at this moment. Public channel’s news program was previously broadcasted starting 19.00, but with weak results that determined moving it to 20.00
    - During the week, the evening programs at TVR 1 consists in Journal (19.00), followed by a talk-show (starting 21.00) and Moise Guran – starting 22.30. During the day, minorities have, on daily basis, 2 hours of dedicated programs. Regional channels are scheduled for time on air in the afternoon
    -The weekend maintains Mircea Dinescu and Cornel Nistorescu’s shows. Saturday evening posts a social-political show and Eugenia Voda’s show, starting 22.00.
    - Korean series aren’t present in the draft schedule anymore.
    TVR 2 – the big surprise
    The big surprise of the project is TVR 2’s schedule, that looks more alike what TVR 1 used to be
    - the main TVR 2 evening journal is between 18.00 - 19.00. News Hours – channel’s traditional program – dissapears
    - starting 20.00, every day, there’s a different line of programs: TV theater (Monday), Destinies like in movies with Iuliana Marciuc and Champions League (Tuesdays) and movies during the week-end
    - Iuliana Tudor is mention as present on TVR 2, each Friday, starting 20.10.
    - also on TVR 2 are supposed to be programs like Folklore Treasure (Sundays) and Pain memorian (Saturdays)

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