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Kanal D’s evening show: Wowbiz, with Andreea Mantea



Andreea Mantea will compete with CancanTV, a show she presented together with Adrian Artene and that is now in Acasa TV schedule. Wowbiz, the show about Romanian stars and socialites will start broadcasting in October, Monday to Thursday, most probably starting 10PM and lasting until after midnight. The same hour space is used to broadcast CancanTV (Acasa TV) and Un show pacatos (Antena 1).

The show host will also have a co-host, but he wasn’t yet selected, according to Paginademedia’s information.

On the other hand, Kanal D prepares a show with former Libertatea editor in chief, Ana Nita. After losing Cancan TV, evening tabloid show that moved to Acasa TV, the TV station is having Ana Nita, former editor in Chief Libertatea, and Irinel Antoniu, former Deputy Libertatea, working on a show project.

A Kanal D source said that a show is being prepared, with the format still being worked on by Nita and Antoniu, together with a team. Most probably, the format will be a tabloid one, considering the background of the 2 journalists (that quitted Libertatea this summer), but also the fact that, this season, Kanal D remained without an important show, CancanTV.

Ana Nita coordinated Libertatea news room since 2006, when around half of tabloid’s team, including than editor-in-chief Adrian Halpert, left for Adevarul Holding, to launch Click!.

Autor: Petrişor Obae

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