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Cozmin Gusa takes over the editorial management for Realitatea Media



Florin Bercea, special administrator of Realitatea Media, announced chiefs of departments that Cozmin Gusa (shareholder at GMG MediaBox, the main creditor of Realitatea Media) takes over the editorial management, starting October 1st until December 15th.

Gusa’s decisions in his new position will be mandatory for all people involved in the editorial activities of the company.

Gusa said, for, that all content and broadcasting decisions will be subjected to his own filter. According to him, being both editorial manager and Realitatea TV’s creditor aren’t conflicting qualities, as creditor’s interest is to relaunch the company and the recovery must come “from increasing the quality of the product”.

“I took over (as editorial manager – n.r) from the need for trust’s editorial activity to start being better coordinated and more precise oriented and, after December 15th, I will decide the new management team, a thing bound to be easy by then, considering the future common experience with people from Realitatea”, Gusa said, for

When it comes of a “more precise orientation”, Gusa said wants to bringing more audience and awareness to match the status of a TV that used to be number one news provider in Romania.

Profile: Cozmin Gusa

Cozmin Gusa was born in 1970 in Campia Turzii (Cluj county). He graduated Physics’ Faculty at Babes-Bolyai University and he attended preparation stages in mass-media management in US and France, between 1004-2001 and was the manager for media companies in Cluj and Bucharest.

He was active in Romanian politics, as general secretary of Romanian Social-Democratic Party (2001-2003), campaign coordinator for Democratic Party and Parliamentary group leader (2004-2005), and political party president for PIN until 2008.

In 2008, he left politics and started to work as a political adviser.

He is president of West Balkans Institute and founder of GeoPOL Institute.

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