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Dan Virtopeanu, Managing Partner Breeze Mobile, a new company launched by Leo Burnett Group Romania



Leo Burnett Group Romania expands its services in mobile marketing and launches a new company, Breeze Mobile, managed by Dan Virtopeanu. The main medium where Breeze Mobile will deliver is the mobile phone, together with all its possible approaches in communicating with consumers.

Stefan Iordache, COO Leo Burnett Group Romania:

Mobile has the capacity to replace many of the channels today and, from this point of view, it has a future high stake in the communication mix. Situation is comparable as impact and importance with the moment when internet appeared in consumers’ life. Not communicating on mobile in the future years has the same degree of probability as rennouncing to internet

Breeze Mobile aims to communicate on mobile mediums and instruments, aiming mainly to promote and integrate those emergent technologies possibilities in companies’ communication initiatives. The newly launched company offers an unique package of services on Romanian communication market. Breeze Mobile services cover an extended area of products, from mobi-sites to apps and punctual activations, but also sales mechanisms or mobile loyalization.

Dan Virtopeanu, Managing Partner Breeze Mobile:

It is very possible that, in 2013, the penetration for smartphones to reach to a critical number of over 20% and the usage of the mobile internet to be of over 50%, higher than the number of desktop internet users.

New technologies are adopted by people in a fast manner, an extremely relevant detail in communication, as those who adopted early emerging technologies had higher benefits and efficiency to those that followed. We estimate that 2013 is the year when the local mobile marketing market will reach to over Euro 10M in value.

Our company aims to offer as early this support and knowledge for all people interested, for the ones close to this phenomena or to brands with a very young public

Who is Dan Virtopeanu?

Dan Virtopeanu has 15 years of experience in mobile communication and emerging technologies and is one of the most known specialists in this field on the Romanian market. He is also one of mobile marketing pioneers in Romania, implementing for the first time different types of specific mobile campaigns. Founder of Mobile Marketing Association Romania, he got involved actively in educating and developing the local market through dedicated seminary series on mobile marketing, started in 2008.

Leo Burnett Group Romania includes: Leo Burnett & Target, Starcom MediaVest, iLeo, The Practice, 23 Communication Ideas, Digital Star, The Geeks, 2 Parale, 8team and Breeze Mobile.

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