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Journalists from Money Channel switched to



The team from The Money Channel, business TV channel owned by Realitatea Media, left for MoneyTV, a new project managed by Sorin Freciu and Mihai Tatulici – that left Realitatea couple weeks ago – in which are also involved Daniel Apostol, Emil Hurezeanu, Ovidiu Nahoi and Radu Soviani.

The split happened in a similar way with the split between Realitatea TV – RTV, with MoneyTV replacing The Money Channel in the air. After that happened, Realitatea Media, owner of The Money Channel licence, and Cozmin Gusa asked cable TV providers to eliminate the new channel, MoneyTV, from their channels lists.

MoneyTV is available on FocusSat and Dolce, with The Money Channel available on the other cable networks.

MoneyTV is functioning on a TV license bought by Sorin Freciu from a company headquartered in Baia Mare and, in the following period, its team will start discussing with cable TV providers so they’ll include it in their channel lists.

Dan Suciu, one of the important people at Realitatea TV and The Money Channel, decided himself to leave the media trust and to go to Money TV, the new project started by The Money Channel team.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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