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New “Dancing with the stars” season at Pro TV – start with 1.5M viewers



The 1st edition of the new “Dancing with the stars” season at Pro TV was watched by over 1.5M viewers all over Romania during the 4 hours of the show. From those, a little over 1M were people living in urban areas (9.7 rating).

On the commercial TV’s target (18 – 49 y.o.), the show had, in average, 543,000 viewers per minute.

At national level, the golden minute was 22.13, when 2.49M people were watching the show, while the top audience in urban areas was registered in the same time, with 1.66M people watching.

During the same time slot, Antena 1 was the second, followed by Kanal D, Antena 3 and TVR 1 in urban areas. When it comes to national, the top maintains the first 3 places, with the rankings completed by TVR 1 and Prima TV.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Petrişor Obae


  • dan dan
    The translation is not good...It's dancing with the's made after that show

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