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TVR main news show – starting at 20.00, Moise Guran – show at 19.00 and Mircea Radu takes the week-end



The main news program from national Romanian TV station, TVR, undergoes a series of changes and, starting October 22nd, it will be broadcasted started 20.00 and will be hosted by Mihai Constantin and Ligia Munteanu.

Previous to the main news show of the day, Moise Guran will host “Business Hour”, starting 19.00. Guran says he knows the competition for that broadcasting interval – the big league one - is very intense and says that he has to enter the fight and play his card with ambition and determination. Guran’s show will be broadcasted on the same broadcasting interval with Pro TV News and Antena 1’s Observer.

The main TVR news program is followed, from Monday to Thursday, starting 21.00, by “In Scoop”, a program of debates and analysis related to the main subject of the day.

Mircea Radu, that presents now TVR 1 Journal from 18.55, will take over a week-end slot.

Radu is invited on Sunday on B1 TV, where he will speak about international TV formats present on Romanian market and the period when Valeriu Lazarov was dictating the law in Romanian TVs

Before rejoining Romanian State TV, Mircea Radu hosted, for years, “Because of love” on Antena 1. The last entertainment show hosted by him was “With years passing”, at Romanian public TV station.

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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