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After CNA sanctioned and contestations were analyzed, Pro TV, Antena 1 and Kanal D complied



A first on Romanian TV market, Pro TV, Antena 1 and Kanal D eventually applied a CNA sanction that asked them to cease the broadcasting for 10 minutes, in prime time, and show on screen the reasons why they were sanctioned this way by CNA.

Initially, the decision targeted 4 TV stations and was made on November 6th, but contestations and CNA analyzing those postponed the sanction being applied. As a consequence, Pro TV, Antena 1 and Kanal D had the same program for 10 minutes, broadcasting the sanction’s reasoning for the entire period of time, in blue, black and red.

On November 9th, for 10 minutes, in full prime-time (19.00-19.10),all the 3 channels broadcasted the same thing: the text of the sanction it was applied to them by CNA following studios broadcasting a vulgar language confrontation between Vadim Tudor, Marioara Zavoranu and Mariana Moculescu , a “dialogue” that took place in tabloid shows Acces Direct & Un show pacatos (Antena 1), Happy Hour (Pro TV) and WowBiz (Kanal D).

One day when nobody steals the start

November 9th was the first day when Pro TV’s News and Antena 1’s Observer didn’t steal each other start because of the CNA sanction. Usually, the 2 news shows started each 2-3 minutes earlier. CNA sanction made that start stealing game impossible, as it had strict directions related to the time when it had to be applied.

Although theoretically prime time news shows should start at a set sharp hour, an analysis made by showed that, in 2011, Pro TV News and Antena 1 Observer never started at 19.00 sharp. As a matter of fact, according to calculations, Antena 1 started the prime time news earlier 268 times, while Pro TV was quicker than Antena 1 only 93 times. Most of the times, news start at 18.57 or 18.58 but definitely not 19.00 sharp, but there were also record cases when the prime time news started at 4 minutes to 19.00.

This practice (earlier start for prime time news) is part of Pro TV and Antena 1 fight for the news time space, in order to attract the biggest audiences; the competition isn’t limited only to content, but also when it comes of the moment when the broadcast starts.

News start is important as both mentioned stations broadcast, previous to that, tabloid shows. The stations are trying to keep in front of the screens the public of the 2 shows and also capture the public zapping through channels while waiting for the news.

TV stations tried to work their way out of CNA’s sanction

Pro TV and Antena 1 tried to convince CNA to cancel the sanction, but Council’s members stayed put on their positions in this matter, while deciding to only apply a fine worth RON 100,000 to Acasa TV

During a CNA sessions, Pro TV and Antena 1, but also Acasa TV, tried to convince the Council to cancel the sanctions that demanded them to cease broadcasting for 10 minutes. CNA decided, during a previous session, to sanction Pro TV, Antena 1, Acasa TV and Kanal D with 10 minutes of broadcast cease, in prime time ( 19.00 – 19.10) for disrespecting human dignity and injourious language.

During CNA discussions, there were raised different arguments to cancel the sanction, including the fact that the subject was presented on at least 40 TV stations (Sorin Alexandrescu, Antena 1)

No matter the arguments, CNA held the sanctions for Pro TV, Antena 1 and Kanal D and decided to fine Acasa TV.

CNA’s sanction should have been applied on November 7th

CNA’s sanction for the 4 TV stations should have initially take place on November 7th, but that didn’t happened as Antena 1 and Pro TV asked for the decision taken on November 6th to be reanalyzed.

As stated by CNA’s president, the sanction decision wasn’t officially communicated to TV stations exactly because they asked for it to be reanalyzed and “we must give them the chance for their contestations to be analyzed”.

According to the legislation, TVs must apply CNA decision in 24 hours since the sanction is officially communicated.

Pro TV S.A. motivated its contestation for the sanction received by Acasa TV with the fact the women TV station didn’t receive any sanction this year, a fact signaled also by CNA’s juridical department representative. Also, Pro TV also motivated its contestation with the fact the generalist station only had a fine and a summons during the last year.

CNA decided to stop the broadcast of Pro TV, Antena 1, Kanal D and Acasa TV for 10 mins with 7 votes in favor. This was also the 1st time when Pro TV receives such a hit from the National Audiovisual Council.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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