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Bloody stories from Brand and Targoviste fortified town, signed by National Geographic



National Geographic Channel continues the series “Bloody Tales of Europe” with stories about Vlad The Impaler’ life and personality.

The documentary is produced in Romania those days, with a National Geographic team filming, on Monday, Bran Castle and, on Wednesday, Targoviste Fortified Town (The Piles Forest).

The hosts Joe Crowley and Suzannah Lipscomb arrived in Bucharest and will film with a True North Productions team for those new episodes.

The Romanian documentarists involved in the project are Matei Casacu and Adrian Popescu.

Matei Casacu

• French historian originary from Romania, a fighter for human rights.
• Studied history at University of Bucharest, studies he finished in 1969.
• Until he fled Romania and established himself in France (1973), he was a researcher at “Nicolae Iorga” History Institute in Bucharest.
• Doctor in History at Paris University I Sorbonne Panthéon (1979).
• member of the Romanian section of the League for Protecting Human Rights, of the Association to Protect Historical Monuments in Romania.
• In 2012, he was a research director at CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) in Paris.

Adrian Popescu

• Cambridge Keeper.
• Occupied different position in Romanian Numismatic Society and, later, in the Royal Numismatic Society
• Starting this year, he is the keeper of coins and medals at Fitzwilliam Museum

Translation provided by AdHugger

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