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CNA members, about the Emergency Ordinance passed silently, without consultations



After Romanian Government modified the Emergency Ordinance to modify Audiovisual Law without consultation with any of the interested parties, more CNA members expressed their dissacord on the manner the modification were made, as they didn’t respected public transparency .

CNA’s president and vice-president disagree with “silent” approval of the ordinance

Ioan Onisei, CNA vice-president, talked to about the “silent” approval of the Emergency Ordinance and explained CNA wasn’t officially informed about the document that got Governmental approval, although it should have been submitted for public debate.

Onisei also expressed his surprise that the project was approved by Government in spite of the fact that “public opinion, NGOs, cable association, advertising associations and CNA had very strong opinions related to the initial project”.

At his turn, Rasvan Popescu, CNA’s president, commented the ordinance but mentioned that he doesn’t have “the final document from Government”.

Popescu mentioned that “CNA submitted a few weeks ago its remarks and I see some of them were taken in consideration”.

He also added that there are also aspects “that can be still considered when the ordinance will be discussed in Parliament, probably in January or February” and one of those is the one on rightfully suspending CNA sanctions that will be attacked in court, in the future, until a definitive ruling is reached”.

Members: CNA is emasculated and fines – almost impossible to apply; voices say the ordinance favors Intact Group

Ioan Onisei, Narcisa Iorga, Gelu Trandafir, Valeriu Deaca and Valentin Jucan, five of CNA members, organized a special press conference and made known their tough reactions related to adopting the Emergency Ordinance.

Onisei went so far as to say “CNA is emasculated” when it comes of fines, as they could be contested in court and it could at least two years before the instance would reach to a definitive decision.

Also, the 5 members took a stance and delimited themselves from the statements made by Rasvan Popescu, CNA president, that didn’t blame the ordinance.

According to Narcisa Iorga, CNA is put on a dead line and the Emergency Ordinace helps Intact Group. Iorga mentioned Intact Group presented CNA a series of proposals couple months ago and all its proposals are included in the Emergency ordinance.

At his turn, Gelu Trandafir said the ordinance modifies radically the rules of the game right in the middle of electoral campaign and CNA wasn’t consulted on the document that got Government’s approval.

The members of CNA delimited themselves from Rasvan Popescu’s statements that said that the ordinance favors media

Rasvan Popescu: This ordinance favors media

Rasvan Popescu made a public statement, separate from the 5 CNA members press conference, saying, among others, that the Emergency Ordinance “favors media”.

Rasvan Popescu:

“At its core, it is an ordinance that favors media. Anyone that reads it can understand that. It is an ordinance in which, partially, are reflected also the observations CNA made and sent to Government a few weeks ago”

Commenting the lack of transparency Government has shown by “silently” adopting the ordinance, Popescu said that “it would have been preferable for the project to stay in public debate a longer periof of time, because some problems could have clear out from this stage”

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