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CNA reactions on Government’s Emergency Ordinance to modify Romanian Audiovisual Law



Romanian Audiovisual Council sent to Romanian Government a series of observations on the Emergency Ordinance that it officially doesn’t have it. The observations were made on the articles related to CNA members’ release from function, mini-ads, TV advertising space acquisition, sanctioning the services distributions.

In spite of that, Rasvan Popescu, CNA president, said multiple times, during CNA’s session, that he cannot launch a debate on a project CNA doesn’t officially have:

“We don’t know in which form this emergency ordinance is, but we opted on not loosing time and advance an initial technical point of view. The aspects we refered to in this technical documentation are related to CNA’s attributions (…) I do say to ask to be officially announced about this project. This is in a working stage. But there are things being published in press. You cannot be announced on something that is not being in a draft form. “

Valentin Jucan: In my opinion, we face the most serios and dangerous try to undermine this institution. There is a try to intentionally hide a law modification to avoid a correct and public debate (…) If this would be a project to modify the initial law initiated by commissions, I would have liked to see it, but not a hastly made document by Romanian Government (…) Related to what the text I saw in press contains, I want to make the following statement: I think that it is allowed to certain media trusts to achieve a certain monopoly

Cristina Trepcea proposed to ask Romanian Government a point of view as “we are in right and in need to be a part of this discussion. It is an extremely sensitive moment”
Narcisa Iorga mentioned that, as she sees, a big part of the ordinance proposals coincide with proposals that came from Antena Group, such is the one related to giving and modifying the retransmission decisions.

Surprise: The ordinance, not actual anymore

The project of Emergency Ordinance to modify the Audiovisual Law isn’t “a subject of actuality anymore”, according to an answer offered by Government’s press office to, that demanded the draft text.

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