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Dancing with the stars – 1.6M viewers. National TV – 4th in audiences with 3 telenovelas


The 4 hours of “Dancing with the stars” broadcasted on Friday, November 16th, were watched by 1.6M Romanians from all over the country, with a little over 1M of them living in urban areas.

On the commercial target (18 – 49 y.o.), the show was watched by 533,000 viewers per minute

The golden minute at national minute was 21.14, when 2.3M viewers were watching it, while the golden moment at urban level was 21.14, with 14M viewers

Kanal D occupied the 2nd place on the “I Dance for You” broadcasting interval, with “Wheel of Fortune” and “On Parents’ Money”

The 3rd TV in audiences was Antena 1, with 1.1M viewers (395.000 in urmab areas), at national level, with “Rush Hour 3” and “Criminal Minds”.

National TV was again with top, on 5th place in audiences, with it occupying 5th place at urban level and 4th at national level. Between 20.30 – 00.30, National TV broadcasted 3 series: an Indian, a South-Korean and a Vietnamese one

TV audience tables for November 16th, on “Dancing with the stars” interval, are available here.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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